Sport Massage

The aim of a Sports Massage

The aim of a sports massage is to reduce tension in the muscles, aid recovery from exercise or to aid recovery from an injury. It is also used to reduce tension and tightness in the muscles to improve mobility and performance. 

Sports massage uses a number of different techniques such as gentle massage, deep tissue massage, trigger pointing, friction, compression, and stretching. 

Typically a sports massage is used to treat the following:

  • relaxation 

  • injury prevention

  • recovery from exercises and/or competition

  • injury rehabilitation


Benefits of sport massage 

The following are some of the many benefits to a sports massage:

  • Stimulating the body before competitions and exercises

  • helping to keep minor injuries from becoming more serious

  • breaking up adhesions, releasing tight tissues

  • Improving lymphatic circulation, increasing blood circulation 

  • Injury prevention